Last week was picture day! Ok, as I get used to this idea of blogging, I’ll get better at talking about the present and not the past. For today though, I want to talk about last Thursday, Picture Day, when I saw many, many beautiful and handsome children walk through the front doors. Right away I remembered what day it was! Then I saw some moms and the look on their faces was…well let’s just say they looked a little ‘flustered.’

Another light bulb went off in my mind…picture day isn’t the best of days at home the night before and morning of… is it?!

I started to think about how the boys and girls were feeling that morning, walking in with their self-confidence right there on their sleeve. It’s good to remember what it feels like to be 10 and not quite know who you are yet..


I felt the tension release slowly as each class came back from their spotlight in front of the camera. We really do have the very best-looking kids!

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