I have the unique opportunity to be a part of the start of school. I've had that opportunity for several years and I'm always amazed at the excitement that is generated at the beginning of the year. The teachers start by working so very hard to get the rooms ready and boy, are they ready by the time the kids arrive.

There's Meet the Teacher when everyone gets to come in to spend a few minutes at school. Yes, starting school is a big change from the more relaxed schedule of the summer, but there is a really neat feeling as friends come together. On the first day, there are many anxious faces, but they begin to disappear as they settle into the routines.

Routines...think of over 400 kids in one building. What do you do with them? (That's an inquiry question!). Imagine planning for that many kids all day...you can understand why routines are so important, even though we often chafe against them. Quiet in the halls, lining up, walking (not running) playground rules, lunchroom rules...all these routines and rules help us to exist together in relative peace and harmony.

Join me this year as we journey through the year. Week one is under our belt and we are ready to learn!!

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